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What is Motion Guidance?

With Motion Guidance you easily add visual feedback external cues to any body part, to assess deficits in positional awareness, fine motor skills and coordination.

What is included in the Kit?

The Clinician Kit includes everything you need to set you up for visual feedback, for any body part. 

The Clinician Kit comes with:

  • A Soft-Shell Case
  • 1 Green Laser with Case and USB/Wall Charging Components
  • 2 of Each Mounting Piece (Flat and Perpendicular)
  • 1 Extra Large, 1 Large, 1 Medium, and 1 Small Hygienic Body Straps (Wipeable Material)
  • 2 Suction Hooks and 4 Sticky Hooks
  • A Double Sided Thick 3×5′ Tracking Grid
  • A Thin 4×4′ “Maze and Clock” Hangable Grid
  • 1 Colored Silicone Hangable “Circle Target

15% Discount.

Use coupon code “PERFORMANTSPT” at checkout.

It’s easy to see Anthony loves his job and genuinely wants to help his clients. He brings a sense of humour and a huge amount of knowledge to his sessions. I would highly recommend Anthony to anyone looking for a great Personal Trainer.