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You already know the importance of being healthy and feeling good about yourself. You are surely also aware that exercise is the most important thing that you can do to reach and maintain maximum physical and psychological health and well being.

I am excited about the opportunity to help you meet your health, fitness and life goals.

In an increasingly busier lifestyle, time efficient, fun and “results based” workouts offer the best chance of lifelong changes. I also know that it takes accountability, motivation and knowledge to stay in shape.

I know how to make an essential difference in your life.

I am devoted to helping you reach, achieve and exceed your health and fitness goals. I am extremely knowledgeable, professional, experienced and accredited.

Already working out on your own? I’ll take you to the next level.
Coming into the world of fitness? I’ve got the know how to help you develop a program that suits your needs.

Performants Personal Training has the expertise to take you where you want to be.
Your health, fitness, and well being are my priority.

Anthony is an amazing trainer. I have never met anyone who has trained me as good as he does. He has focused on my body strength and posture. Being a hairdresser I always have so much pain in my back due to bad posture from standing at work. I will definitely keep training with him forever.


Anthony is operating out of the beautifully presented GOODLIFE HEALTH CLUB.

Located at: 111 Cecil St. South Melbourne.

Situated conveniently opposite the South Melbourne Market.
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2 Hours FREE parking available on site.

At Performants I aim to make a measurable difference in people’s lives.
Performants believes in providing exceptional customer service to all clients.
Performants goals are to move people in a positive direction so that people awake with an optimistic and emotional outlook.

I am enormously grateful for having found Anthony. He has helped me with my rehabilitation and training. His patience and guidance has been awesome! He has also taught me how to love exercise and because of that, I have not only lost weight, I feel a lot stronger and more confident than ever before. It’s actually been life changing!

Marisa M.


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