Services: Functional Movement Training

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What is Functional Movement Training?

With functional movement & strength exercises I help train your muscles to work together.


I train your muscles by simulating common movements you might do at home, at work or in sports. By using various muscles in the upper and lower body I help you improve your core stability.

My qualifications

  • Gray Institute. CAFS (Certification of Applied Functional Science)
  • Rocktape. FMT (Functional Movement Training) Advanced Movement Certification.
  • Gray Institute. 3DMAPS (Three – Dimensional Movement Analysis and Performance System).
  • KLT (Kinetic Link Training) Screening: Functional Mobility & Control.

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Bruce Maddigan

What Is a Functional Movement Assessment?

Call it a functional movement assessment, test, evaluation, or screen, this observation-driven session will evaluate your movement and help identify opportunities to improve your function. I cannot help people live healthier, happier lives unless I identify the dysfunctions or limitations of their bodies that are causing pain and limitation.

Some functional movement screens are rigid, requiring everyone to perform the same movements, like deep squats, hurdle steps, trunk stability pushups, and active straight leg raises. However, in a clinical setting, we don’t really move that way in real life. Anthony takes a different approach, acknowledging the unique differences between human bodies and considering each patient or client’s holistic needs and physiology.

Our bodies work in all three planes of motion: sagittal, frontal, and transverse. However, we don’t consciously think about these individual motions that our hips, spine, knees, or shoulders are doing. Instead, we see ourselves walking, lifting, bending, and twisting. And when we experience difficulties, we often blame the painful body part—be it the knee, shoulder, foot, or ankle.

However, we know that, thanks to our body’s Chain Reactions, the real problem often lies farther up or down the chain. That pain in your foot or ankle might really be due to hip dysfunction. Similarly, problems in the thoracic spine and hips can contribute to shoulder pain.


3DMAPS (3D Movement Analysis & Performance System) is the most innovative way to effectively analyze and enhance the entire body in an efficient, revealing, and evidence-based manner.

Unlike any other movement screen, 3DMAPS is a movement analysis and performance system that applies to the three-dimensionality and abilities of all individuals and all of human function.

3DMAPS boils down all of human movement (the three-dimensional interaction of joints, muscles, and proprioceptors) into 6 Vital Transformational Zones, adapts these movements within Mobility Analysis Movements (assessing range of motion) and Stability Analysis Movements (assessing control of motion), and then prioritizes the best and most logical progressions in serving you better.