Services: Trigger Point Therapy

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What is Trigger Point Therapy?

Trigger point therapy refers to the treatment of myofascial trigger points that are found in your muscles and fascia.


Trigger points can be found anywhere on your body and are one of the most common causes for chronic musculoskeletal pain. I am a certified trigger point therapist and I can release these painful and tense points and assist in achieving long-term results.


My methods include Trigger Point Therapy and Manual Therapy.

My qualifications

  • The Institute of Trigger Point Therapy: Clinical Trigger Point Therapy Course.
  • NAT (Niel Asher Technique) Trigger Point Therapy Level 3 Accredited Professional.
  • Certificate of Remedial Massage.
  • Certificate of Shiatsu and Advanced Massage.
  • Myofascial Cupping Practitioner Certification.

It’s easy to see Anthony loves his job and genuinely wants to help his clients. He brings a sense of humour and a huge amount of knowledge to his sessions. I would highly recommend Anthony to anyone looking for a great Personal Trainer.