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Train your Vision..Move Faster

What is the Vector Ball+?

Vector Ball+ is a patented Cognitive Vision Training (CVT) device. It emits a short burst of light, randomly changing the colour of the ball (Red, Green, or Blue) at impact. This enables Cognitive Vision Training (CVT) that improves your Speed of Reaction.

  • Free FAST express delivery to anywhere in Australia.
  • Can be submerged in water.
  • Help train your eyes.
  • Help train your brain.
  • Help improve your game.
  • Very durable.
  • Can be bounced and thrown at game speed.

CVT exercises the athlete’s brain (ability to process information) by introducing unpredictable information during a drill that provides instruction on what is required to complete a drill. For example, if you see the Vector Ball+ turn red, then you must catch it with your right hand (execute a specific action associated with that colour). 

Vector Ball+ supports a full spectrum of CVT drills and is scalable to develop the Speed of Reaction of anyone, youth to professional, and is used to improve athletic performance for practically every sport including Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Hockey, Tennis, Cricket, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Motor Sports, and more.

The brain is the most important component of athletic performance. Like muscles, the brain’s performance improves with exercise. Train Your Eyes, Train Your Brain, Improve Your Game.

Train your Vision..Move Faster.


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R E V O L U T I O N A R Y!

Worth every dime…. you can’t get a better, cost efficient mental training tool

Simple as that. I’m a sports and performance excellence specialist and this ball makes my job significantly easier.

The owner of the ball is incredibly knowledgeable. This ball is backed on science and will be one of the pioneering cognitive training tools for this upcoming generation of athletes.

Mental skills training is the new wave, and this ball is, and will be, the staple of my practice.



  • Weight: 149 grams.
  • Size: 7.62 cm diameter.
  • Geodesic design provides better grip and unpredictable bounces.
  • Cognitive Vision Training (CVT) color change technology provides unpredictable visual information that facilitates unlimited CVT drills and exercises.
  • Durable and waterproof design that can be used practically anywhere:
    • Home gym.
    • Academy.
    • Studio.
    • Basement.
    • Garage.
    • Gym.
  • Reggeized design that facilitates a full spectrum of Cognitive Vision Training (CVT) drills and exercises.
  • Supports Cognitive Vision Training (CVT) at every level:
    • Youth.
    • Professional.
  • Supports Cognitive Vision Training (CVT) for every sport:
    • Baseball.
    • Softball.
    • Hockey.
    • Lacrosse.
    • Soccer.
    • Basketball.
    • Pickleball.
    • Volleybal.
    • Handball.
    • Football.
    • Tennis.
    • Cricket.
    • Boxing.
    • Mixed Martial Arts.
    • Motorsports.
  • Vector® Ball + Improvements:
    • Improved molding for added strength.
    • Improved batteries for longer life/more training.


Free Delivery

This tool is invaluable for reaction training. The previous version was in itself such a unique piece of equipment, but the improvements to the new version make it even better. Well worth every penny!

Jim Leo

Cognitive Training

  1. Increases overall cognitive capacity.
  2. Cognitive training activates the decision making part of your brain.
  3. Teaches athletes how to deal with stress.


  1. Hand and eye coordination.
  2. Reaction time.
  3. Working memory.

As a nurse on the stroke floor, my patients love it! After a life changing event, like a stroke, it is hard to motivate patients. When they saw this ball light up it got their attention, when they saw the drill the challenge was on. Patient’s and Family member’s love this ball.

Bonnie Long