PROGRAMS: Online Training

I have the expertise to take you where you want to be.
Your health, fitness and wellbeing is my priority.

Online Training is perfect for people who are:

  • Shift workers. 
  • Frequent travellers.
  • Time poor.
  • Budget conscious.
  • Struggle to commit to appointments.

Benefits of Online Training include:

  • Immediate start.
  • Customised treatment or training program that includes exercises for strength, stability, mobility and posture. 
  • In app private messaging.
  • Exercise demo videos with detailed descriptions of all workouts and programs.
  • Whether at home, on the road or at the gym your movement is tracked.

Can't see Anthony Face to Face?

  • Anthony’s online training service is designed to promote you with the structure and accountability to achieve your goals from anywhere.

Fantastic workshop for trainers and business owners. Covering training, marketing and business. This is a great workshop for learning new ideas in all areas as well as re-introducing you to things you’ve learnt before and forgotten, but are relevant to you no

Bruce Maddigan

Pricing Plans

(Minimum Term 3 Months)

Silver Plan

$ 97
a Month
  • This plan is for someone starting out their fitness journey. It will teach the techniques necessary to make changes, but without the accountability or in app messaging support. Receive a monthly individualised online workout and an online program show with Anthony covering technique and form of each exercise.

Gold Plan

$ 199
a Month
  • This plan is perfect for someone with ambitious goals that wants serious results. This program includes accountability, in app messaging support, and is perfect to help you succeed.
    Receive Silver plan benefits plus a customised workout for your specific condition. You will also receive one custom workout modification.
Best Value

Platinum Plan

$ 399
a Month
  • This plan is designed to deliver you the best results possible with all the tools necessary to maximise your true body's potential.

    Receive Silver and Gold plan benefits plus an indepth assessment and custom workouts updated every week.