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Computerised Neurocognitive Assessment

CNS Vital Signs

Performants offers CNS Vital Signs, an online testing platform which assesses a broad range of cognitive abilities.

It is sensitive to cognitive impairment caused by different conditions.

Applications include concussion, brain injury, epilepsy, ADHD, brain tumours, stroke, multiple sclerosis, cancer, mild cognitive impairment, dementia and various physical and mental conditions.

What is Neurocognitive Assessment?

Neurocognitive testing is used to assess memory (verbal and visual), psychomotor speed, reaction time, attention, cognitive flexibility, processing speed, executive function, simple visual attention and motor speed.

It contains over 50 well-known evidence-based clinical and quality measure (behaviors, symptoms, comorbidities, quality-of-life) rating scales. Immediately following the assessment, the software automates a standardised scoring of your assessment eliminating variability and rater bias (as shown below in the photos).

The assessment platform auto-scores and generates user-friendly reports with summary dashboards, individual responses, and longitudinal views. The neurocognitive report presents the raw test scores, domain scores with a comparison of age-adjusted norms, and an overall neurocognition index.

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$125 – Testing & Report

Thanks to Anthony’s expertise, my bouts of dizziness, vertigo and nausea have disappeared, and my life has returned to normal.


What is involved?

Instructions will appear on your home computer screen. Various tasks are described and performed. The assessment takes about 1 hour to complete. Results are provided immediately.

The assessment MUST be done in one sitting. Upon purchasing you’ll get sent a special link that you click to begin the assessment (you complete it on your home computer). If you don’t receive this email please email me here

In order to make the assessment accurate I also need your date of birth. Please email that to me after your purchase. I cannot generate the test link without your date of birth.

CNS Vital Signs Online Web Version on devices.

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CNS vital signs has been used for testing neurocognitive function by over 10,000 clinicians and researchers in 52 countries.